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Steven R Holloway

Missoula, MT
My maps, prints, and photographs are responses arising from an effort to stop and listen to the place. I make direct contact with, and in one Body, the experience of being awake and embracing the event. I make artist-editioned maps, prints, artist books, and broadsides in small numbered editions using a variety of matrices: relief, stone & plate lithography, intaglio, collagraph, silk screen, and letterpress. I make responses directly using both dry and wet drawing materials. My lithographic stones are over 100 years old and still in use. Printing, involving multiple matrices, hand-mixed inks, and fine papers that include blind embossing, chine-collé, and trial and error, is done using the two luddite presses: a Gordon Oldstyle letterpress and a Griffin lithograph & etching-intaglio press.